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after my water fast which shall i do?
ABC or 2468?
im kinda feeling the ABC but i dunno, does anyone else have any other diets that i can try?

love you all
xx ally


does anyone ever get the feeling of nausea when they haven't eaten all day?
because i have that right now, and i feel weak, i almost had a pizza but i suddenly got angry and decided against it, thank god.
can anyone help me by telling me what to expect for tomorrow? i am fasting for 3-7 days. drinking only water and a slice of apple maybe once.
if anyone wants to be my ana buddy, message me, add me as a friend and hopefully we can exchange e-mails and talk on msn or something.
 love you all
xx ally


Hey guys
I have a concern.
I realize that I weigh myself more than once everyday.
My friends are beginning to notice and my teacher/vball coach told my friends to watch out for me when they did volunteer work at the school a weekor so ago. I don't want ppl gettin on my Case.
Is the fact that I weight my self so often really bad?
117!!!! :(

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I just downloaded the livejournal app onto my iPod.

Bad news , I binged. I had cookies (5), and a chicken pot pie from white spot. :(.
Good news , no weight gained. I'm going to go for a run today!

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i'm fairly upset...
still 115... but i guess my weight loss strreak was temporary.
i played field hockey today so i got my excercise.
for breakfast, boiled egg and toast...
not more food for the day!!!!!!!!

4-5 more to go
okay, so i started at 120, then i got to 117 threw serious picky eating. i would rarely eat, and when i did, i would purge.
now im at 115 in two day!
i'm proud because today i was around my friends, they were forcing food down my throat, but i didnt gain anything!
Just to be sure, i went for a 30 minute run.
i feel good now.
5 more to go.
i can do this!
So, I don't know if i'm doing this right...i guess i'm supposed to post an entry, i dunno what im supposed to post one on though...
I guess i'll just start with my life.
So, right now is quite hecktic, exam week. If any of you guys know what the IB diploma is, then you feel my pain. In in the MYP(middle years programme) with prepares us for the IB, and i'm already pulling my hair out.
Is it really that difficult to graduate with 24 point to get the IB diploma?
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